KnowING IPR Fostering Innovation in the Danube Region through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management

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    - 23-12-2021

    Dear Reader, We are approaching you with the final of the seven newsletters developed dating the three and a half years of KnowING IPR. It was a long and interesting journey offering numerous partners and stakeholders a possibility to...

    - 27-04-2021

      DEAR READER,   we are happy to be able to greet you with exciting news from our...

  • KnowING IPR - Online newsletter 2/2020
    - 13-10-2020
    Online newsletter 2/2020

    Dear Reader,   Our worlds have gone, and are still going through very difficult times. The Danube region...

  • KnowING IPR - Online newsletter 2/2020
    - 10-04-2020
    Online newsletter 2/2020

      Dear reader,   With the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the globe and also...

  • KnowING IPR - Online newsletter 02/2019
    - 28-10-2019
    Online newsletter 02/2019

        Dear reader,   well pass the first year of Project implementation we...

  • KnowING IPR - Online Newsletter 01/2019
    - 29-04-2019
    Online Newsletter 01/2019

    Dear reader, last months were extremely busy for KnowING IPR project. We have been analysing the IPR situation across the Danube and first results will be ready soon.  Keep following us and stay tuned in the upcoming weeks.  Apart from...

  • KnowING IPR - Online Newsletter 01/2018
    - 30-10-2018
    Online Newsletter 01/2018

    Dear reader, It has been 4 months since KnowING IPR project has officially started and we're glad to have an opportunity to work with you.  On October 25, kick-off event happened at Faculty of Information studies in Novo mesto, Slovenia....

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