Programme management contacts

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Postal address: Prime Minister's Office 1357 Budapest, Pf:6. (Hungary)

Office address: 1051 Budapest, Akadémia utca 3-3., 1054 (Hungary) 

Managing Authority/ Joint Secretariat

Imre Csalagovits
Head of the Managing Authority

Imre is responsible for overseeing the tasks performed by the Danube Region Programme's Managing Authority (MA), prioritizing and dividing them among the staff. He also oversees the development of necessary management procedures for the programme implementation and monitors programme’s communication.
Additionally, Imre represents the Danube Region Programme at external events and handles official communication on behalf of the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat.

Tel.: +36 1 795 2368
Mobile phone: +36 30 230 7651


Simona Ene
Head of JS

Simona also plays a key role in organising the work of Joint Secretariat by managing the project and communication related activities. She coordinates the preparation of calls for proposal, including both content and financial aspects, as well as project development, assessment procedure and content and financial monitoring of the projects’ implementation. She is the contact person for project state aid related issues.
Among her tasks as the head of Joint Secretariat, she supervises external experts, controls the performance of tasks relating to the operational and maintenance processes of the programme’s monitoring system and contributes to the development of the programme’s indicator system.
Additionally, she coordinates the preparation of implementation reports for the European Commission, the development of strategic documents and analyses for the Managing Authority and the Monitoring Committee.

Tel.: +36 1 795 4082
Mobile phone: +36 30 502 3513


Szonja Bagi
Monitoring Coordinator

Szonja is responsible for various tasks related to the operation of the programme’s monitoring and information system as well as controlling and coordination activities.  This includes tasks such as managing access to the system, assessing error reports and development needs or communicating with developers. She is also providing administrative support for programme management.
Additionally, Szonja communicates with the programme’s hosting institution, the Prime Minister's Office in Hungary, and institutional players involved in the programme’s legal, financial, and IT procedures.

Tel.: +36 1 795 4031
Mobile phone: +36 30 749 5539


Alíz Nagyváradi
Programme Officer

Alíz is in charge of monitoring EU as well as national legislation and institutional regulations that impact the Danube Region Programme. She advises the MA/JS staff regarding significant regulatory changes and propose amendments to programme documents or procedures as needed.
She also coordinates with the European Commission on questions related to legal interpretation of regulations, supports the preparation of subsidy contracts and financing agreements, especially concerning external funding and non-Member States, and supports the supervision of public procurement regulations. Within the hosting institution Alíz collaborates with the legal and HR units and coordinates GDPR-related matters within the MA/JS.

Tel.: + 36 1 795 3343


Péter Kalmár
Quality Assurance Manager

Péter supports the development and coherence of control documents, monitors their application, and initiates amendments as necessary. He also conducts audits, ensures quality assurance for official documents and coordinates the MA/JS’ processes related to subsidy contracts and partnership agreements as well as the development of anti-fraud and risk assessment systems.
Additionally, Péter monitors compliance with deadlines, contributes to performance assessments and oversee training and knowledge management.

Tel.: +36 1 795 5208
Mobile phone: +36 30 397 8271


Gusztáv Csomor
Senior Project Officer

Gusztáv is primarily responsible for the programme’s objectives related to environment, including the climate change adaptation and environmental risk management; the water management and the biodiversity related ones. He is involved in the preparation of calls for proposals, provides advice to potential applicants regarding the application process, the evaluation of applications, preparing subsidy contracts, and providing assistance to lead partners in project implementation.
Furthermore, as Project Officer, Gusztáv is also involved in monitoring project progress, ensuring compliance with communication obligations, and updating data in the programme’s monitoring and IT system. He also plays an active role in its development by collaborating with JEMS coordinators and IT experts on the monitoring system setup and testing.                                          
Tel.: +36 1 795 3836
Mobile phone: +36 30 470 9727


Katalin Kovács-Kasza 
Project Officer

Katalin is responsible for coordinating of the programme's objectives related to innovation. She provides guidance to project applicants and participates in applications evaluation and contract preparation. She also assists in the preparation of calls for proposals, evaluation reports and supports lead partners during project implementation and reporting.
Furthermore, Katalin supports programme communication, ensures quality control of all programme documents from a visual identity standpoint and contributes to the development of various communication materials.
Tel.: +36 1 8966560
Mobile phone: + 36 30 607 1502


Horst Schindler
Project Officer 

Horst is responsible for the coordination of the energy and transport topics. As Project Officer, he participates in the preparation of the calls for proposals, gives advice to applicants, evaluates applications and takes part in the preparation of the evaluation report, prepares subsidy contracts and provides assistance to lead partners in project implementation.
Additionally, Horst is also involved in the development of the programme implementation manual and other implementation documents, participates in the preparation and realisation of the programmes events, as well as in the development of the programme monitoring system and IT tools.

Tel: +36 1 795 5338
Mobile phone: +36 30 607 1652


Stephen Jonathan Halligan
Senior Project Officer 

Stephen is responsible for the coordination of the programme’s social objectives, in particular the labour market topic. In addition to his responsibilities as Project Officer, Stephen focuses on monitoring the implementation of the programme evaluation plan and coordinates the development of the evaluation reports, including assessment and feedback.
He also ensures that the monitoring system contains the necessary data for evaluation purposes, and supports the project officers coordinating the monitoring system by developing programme level reports for evaluation purposes.

Tel.: +36 1 795 4355
Mobile phone: +36 30 628 6645


Johannes Gabriel
Senior Project Officer

Johannes coordinates the governance topics of the programme and participates in the preparation of the calls for proposals, gives advice to applicants, evaluates applications and takes part in the preparation of the evaluation report.
He plays a key role in the programme’s support to the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) governance. As Project Officer he develops the EUSDR calls for proposals, including assessment criteria and monitors the implementation of related projects. Additionally, Johannes leads the analysis and reports on the implementation of the EUSDR governance support, participates as an observer in the EUSDR networks and working groups, including priority area coordinators and national coordinators’ meetings.

Tel.: +36 1 795 5886
Mobile phone: +36 30 472 3039 


Natália Liholot
Project Officer

Natalia is responsible for coordinating culture, tourism and heritage topics and has been, among other things, an active member in European and regional culture networks and platforms.
In her position of Project Officer, she participates in the preparation of the calls for proposals, gives advice to applicants, evaluates applications and supports lead partners in project implementation. Natalia is also co-responsible for coordinating the development of the programme’s monitoring system.

Mobile phone: +36 30 094 5726


Michal Pavlik
Senior Communication Manager

Michal coordinates programme communication and actively participates in communication networks at the EU level. He works closely with the heads of MA/JS and Communication Officer to carry out communication activities as well as providing communication guidance to project partners.
His responsibilities include developing communication plans and their implementation, coordinating joint work on the development of relevant procedures and manuals to ensure programme visibility requirements, managing programme website as well as the programme’s presence on social media.

Tel.: +36 1 795 1787
Mobile phone: +36 30 128 3465


Mirjana Vidanović
Communication Officer

Mirjana is responsible for coordinating the National Contact Points (NCPs) and handling various communication-related tasks, such as organizing and conducting training sessions for both the Project Officers and NCPs, providing advice on communication requirements to project partners or creating content for the programme’s information materials. 
She also plays a vital role in supporting the Senior Communication Manager in implementing the programme’s communication strategy by contributing to the development of the annual communication plans and helping organise programme events. 

Tel.: +36 1 795 5688
Mobile phone: +36 30 583 2553


Beata Marczis
Head of Financial Management and Administration Unit

Beáta coordinates and manages the financial system of the programme, and responsible for the comprehensive management of the unit. She defines expenditure eligibility rules regulating financial procedures, and ensures consistent application of these rules. She is supervising the control systems operated by the Partner States and overseeing the development of their control activities.
She is also responsible for coordinating and monitoring the programme’s technical assistance (TA) budget, collaborating with the Certifying Authority and the Audit Authority on programme-level financial matters, and managing administrative tasks of the department. 
Additionally, Beáta play a key role in developing financial data and analyses to support financial decisions made by the Monitoring Committee or the Managing Authority.

Tel.: +36 1 795 5668
Mobile phone: +36 30 160 0251


Mirjana Arsenić Petrović  
Senior Financial Manager 

Mirjana is mainly responsible for maintaining the control systems and for project financial management. She facilitates communication between the MA/JS and controllers of Partner States on control related issues, organizes meetings, and collects and keeps records of the up-dates of the national control system descriptions, receives and supervises the verification reports of the Partner States. She also supports the integration of external financing sources.
Additionally, Mirjana contributes to the development of financial systems and eligibility rules, and acts as a substitute for the Head of the Financial and Administration Unit on project-level financial matters.

Tel.: +36 1 795 2547
Mobile phone: +36 30 501 3511


Ákos Szabó
Financial Manager 

Ákos manages various tasks related to the JEMS system for the Danube Region Programme. This includes overseeing the development phase of the system, coordinating with stakeholders and IT experts, handling errors, testing, and configuration, supporting the introduction of the system.
With regards to programme financial matters, Ákos is supporting the audits especially with collecting the documents requested for the audits, coordination of audit questions within the MA/JS and preparation of reports.

Tel.: +36 1 795 7350
Mobile phone: +36 30 593 2206


Nashoan Al-Awli
Financial Officer 

As Financial Officer, Nashoan reviews financial reports submitted by projects, ensuring that costs are accurately settled and comply with eligibility rules.
He also ensures the smooth functioning of the programme's IT infrastructure by overseeing hardware and software maintenance, providing technical support to online meetings, seminars, and trainings organized by the MA/JS and collaborating with the IT department of the hosting institution as needed.
Additionally, Nashoan is responsible for the eMS system and the additional development of the JEMS system by supporting the introduction of the JEMS system within the MA/JS and performing system administration tasks for both the eMS and JEMS systems.

Tel.: +36 1 896 1003
Mobile phone: +36 30 777 2752


Mihajlo Cicmilović
Financial Manager

Mihajlo is mainly responsible for project financial management. He is responsible for the irregularity management system at programme level, including clarification of irregularity cases with the relevant national authorities and management of recovery procedures. He also handles irregularity questions for closed projects, engages in anti-fraud and risk management tasks. He contributes to the development of risk assessment criteria at the program level.
Additionally, Mihajlo is involved in entering financial data into the Arachne system.

Tel.: +36 1 795 3032
Mobile phone: +36 30 712 9609


Gábor Tabák
Financial Officer 

Gábor is responsible for setting up the financial and controlling system for operational costs. His tasks include planning and monitoring cash flow, preparing financial reports, supporting IT project management, participating in the development of workflow and reporting modules, ensuring compliance with eligibility rules and conducting internal control tasks. 
He is also supporting HR-related issues, preparing training plans, contributing to the development of internal regulations and procedures, and managing internal meetings, trainings, and team-building activities.

Tel.: +36 1 8967249
Mobile phone: +36 70 7080197


Árpád Kovács
Financial Officer 

Árpád provides guidance and advice to projects, controllers, and internal and external officers on financial matters. 
In addition, Árpád is involved in the financial controlling of TA beneficiaries' reports. He contributes to the planning, monitoring, and adjusting the TA budget for the programme and is responsible for preparing requests for national TA contributions from Partner States. He also contributes to the tasks related to programme closure.

Tel.: + 36 1 795 9795


Lilla Szentgyörgyi
Office Assistant

Lilla supports the smooth operation of the MA/JS. She contributes to event organization and communication with service providers.
Lilla also provides administrative support to team members, participates in the development and monitoring of internal procedures, and assists in the overall management of the MA/JS by supporting the Head of the Managing Authority.

Tel.: +36 1 896 7793
Mobile phone: +36 (30) 1720004 



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)