First call

The first call of the Danube Region Programme was open from 29 September 2022 till 21 November 2022, 14:00 hours Central European Time. It was targeted to proposals for projects focused on the programme priorities 1, 2, 3 and specific objective 4.2:

  1. A smarter Danube Region
  2. A greener, low-carbon Danube Region
  3. A more social Danube Region
  4. A better cooperation governance: 4.2 Increased institutional capacities for territorial and macroregional governance 

The call is organised in two steps:

  • First step with the expression of interest (EoI) outlining mainly the intervention logic of the proposal and the strategic relevance for the DRP submitted through the programme monitoring system (Jems). 

We have received 290 applications, which we are going to assess in the coming weeks.

  • Second step with the submission of the completed application form (AF) with the required Annexes through the programme monitoring system (Jems). 

Applicants whose proposal was pre-selected in the first step phase (results expected in April 2023) will submit the completed application form (with its required Annexes) in the second step.

Major novelties in DRP 2021-2027:

  • EU contribution to projects is 80%
  • Use of Interreg funds (ERDF, IPA and NDICI funds are pooled together in a single pot)
  • Lead Partners can be both from EU and non-EU countries (exception: Ukrainian organisations can participate in the 1st call for proposals only as project partners)


The following documents have to be consulted by the applicants in order to submit a successful expression of interest:


The step 1 applicants need to consult the following documents in order to fill in and submit a step 2 application:

Presentation from the lead applicant seminar - Budapest, 9/10 May

Q&A - Lead applicant seminar - Budapest, 9/10 May

Programme support for project generation

Applicants have the possibility to individually consult the MA/ JS  on their project ideas before and during the launch of the call. Project ideas being at an early stage of development are recommended to be consulted with their respective National Contact Point for general advice and information.

Consultations in the form of bilateral meetings or phone discussions could be requested via email from the thematic MA/JS Project Officer responsible for the respective project topic.

Additionally for partner search purposes the MA/ JS created a LinkedIn group which is a community of institutions interested in finding partners in the programme area.

The Programme recently hosted a How to use Jems and How to build the intervention logic webinars. All the webinar recordings and presentations are available on the webinars page



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)