About eMS

The eMS is an online electronic monitoring system, which allows programmes to collect and store all necessary project and programme information. Furthermore, it also features an online communication portal that enables secure electronical contact with beneficiaries.

“Who created eMS?” you might ask. Interact develops this software together with, and for the benefit of, Interreg programmes. They built in as much free-to-use technologies as possible and where license fees apply, those were covered by Interact.

What makes eMS even better, is that

  • Programmes can use the software free of charge and
  • Are allowed to adapt it to their needs, if necessary.

Who should use the eMS?

  • DTP approved projects to report on their activities and incurred costs
  • Potential applicants to submit their Application Forms when calls are open

How does one use eMS?

Every new system requires some learning and practice, and to facilitate this process, DTP has created some guidelines for you to be found in the relevant sections of this website (calls or project implementation) and the factsheet offers a quick guide on the registration process. Moreover, you can let Interact walk you through the main steps in their video series about eMS.

Finally, you are just one click away from the DTP eMS website.

Let’s get started!

DTP eMS website

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)