SABRINA Safer Bicycle Routes in Danube Area

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SABRINA project

Cycling infrastructure in the Danube region is largely in an early stage of development, especial- ly outside of the major urban areas. Given the benefits that cycling has on the environment, tourism, health, transport multimodality, etc. this fact is both a development opportunity and a substantial safety risk if not properly addressed.

In these COVID-19 times, people across the globe look to bicycling as a socially distant transportation and recreation option. The emerging role of bicycles serves as a critical reminder of the need to improve infrastructure, making it safer, forgiving, sustainable, and comfortable. Cycling is a practical solution for sustainable transport and develop- ment for which national, regional, and local authorities are showing more willingness to address.

SABRINA project focuses on road infrastructure safety for cyclists as one of the most vulnerable road users. It tackles cycling infrastructure safety issues on existing, planned, and missing cycling corridors crossing nine countries in the Danube region. Our goal is to improve conditions for road bicycle infrastructure safety in the region by raising the capacities of all relevant national, regional, and local stakeholders to build and improve bicycle infrastructure in a safe and sustainable way. 

Read more about the SABRINA project partnership HERE.

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Safer Bicycle Routes in Danube Area
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2,086,019.00
ERDF Contribution: 1,701,992.40
IPA Contribution: 0
ENI Contribution: 71,123.75
Call number
Call 3
Better connected and energy responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Support environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems and balanced accessibility of urban and rural areas


Filename Date of upload
SABRINA_Output T2.1_30 Factsheets_Bicycle infrastructure safety and positive effects of biking 31-03-2022 09:29:46
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Blind Spot 15-09-2022 11:19:34
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Left turn issues 15-09-2022 11:22:07
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Narrow Infrastructure 15-09-2022 11:23:25
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Network Issues 15-09-2022 11:24:19
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Objects on or aside infrastructure 15-09-2022 11:25:12
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Poor driving conditions 15-09-2022 11:25:43
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Junctions and crossings - roundabout issues 15-09-2022 11:28:00
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Speed differences in mixt areas 15-09-2022 11:28:47
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Speed differences in mixt areas with motorised traffic 15-09-2022 11:30:46
Sabrina -Factsheet Risks - Poor signing 15-09-2022 11:32:21
Sabrina -Factsheet - Positive Effects - Business 15-09-2022 11:40:07
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Diversity of Cultures 15-09-2022 11:41:11
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Energy resources 15-09-2022 11:42:10
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Mental Health 15-09-2022 11:43:11
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Physical Health 15-09-2022 11:44:08
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Social Inclusion 15-09-2022 11:45:02
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Technology and Design - Electric Bicycle 15-09-2022 11:45:56
Sabrina -Factsheet - Positive Effects - Time, Space and Noise 15-09-2022 11:46:28
Sabrina -Factsheet Positive Effects - Tourism 15-09-2022 11:46:56
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Cycling Strategies 15-09-2022 11:59:21
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Driving Conditions 15-09-2022 12:00:22
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Junctions and crossings 15-09-2022 12:01:03
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Organisational Measures 15-09-2022 12:01:48
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Overpasses and underpasses 15-09-2022 12:02:26
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Planning Principles 15-09-2022 12:03:27
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Roundabouts 15-09-2022 12:04:13
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Separated cycling paths 15-09-2022 12:05:23
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Signs and markings 15-09-2022 12:06:08
Sabrina -Factsheet Solutions - Types of facilities 15-09-2022 12:07:29
Sabrina - Best Practices in Cycling Infrastructure 21-09-2022 17:01:40
SABRINA_Output T2.2_Recommendation on implementation of best practices 31-03-2022 09:28:35
SABRINA Output T2.3_National consultations_Importance of cycling infrastructure safety 31-03-2022 09:27:53
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
The European Institute of Road Assessment - EuroRAP Lead partner Slovenia
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences ERDF partner Croatia
Austrian Road Safety Board ERDF partner Austria
West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit Ltd. ERDF partner Hungary
Partnership for Urban Mobility ERDF partner Czech Republic
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Project News

  • SABRINA - Thank you from the Sabrina team
    - 29-12-2022
    Thank you from the Sabrina team

    In the lands of the Danube, where the rivers flow, a project called SABRINA seeks to make roads safer for all. For the cyclists who travel its roads each day, SABRINA strives to keep them safe along the way.   With new...

  • SABRINA - Merry Christmas form the Sabrina Team
    - 28-12-2022
    Merry Christmas form the Sabrina Team

    Christmas is the time to cherish our families and loved once. It is the time we more than ever understand how much we wish to protect and love the once we call home. To know them safe, independent and happy is our highest wish. Let’s fight for...

    - 15-12-2022

    Dear Sabrina friends, The SABRINA FINAL CONFERECE took place on 23rd November 2022 in Bucharest, Romania,  and was showcasing the project result offering the perfect frame to discuss how the future of cycling infrastructure might be. We...

    - 09-12-2022

    KFV (Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit – Austrian Road Safety Board) is one the Sabrina Workpackage Leader, working closely and diligent togeahter with the Sabrina Project Partners in delivering an impresive outcome in Factsheets and Best...

  • SABRINA - Press release - Sabrina Project in Brussels in a co-organized event with the European Cyclists’ Federation
    - 07-12-2022
    Press release - Sabrina Project in Brussels in a co-organized event with the European Cyclists’ Federation

    Press release Brussels, 7th December 2022 This weeks started for the Sabrina Project in Brussels in a co-organized event with the European Cyclists’ Federation showcasing in front of representatives of the EU Commission, EU Parliament, ...

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