TalentMagnet Improved Institutional Capacities and New Multilevel Governance for Talent Attraction and Retention in the Danube Region

  • TalentMagnet - Final leaflet is available
    - 13-12-2022
    Final leaflet is available

    From this link you can download the last WPC deliverable http://dtp.interreg-danube.eu/uploads/media/approved_project_public/0001/54/ef1b4ad476ea20634b71b0ff9cc684d4ca99647c.pdf

  • TalentMagnet - eNewsletter - Issue5 is available
    - 26-11-2022
    eNewsletter - Issue5 is available

    Download and read our eNewsletter! http://dtp.interreg-danube.eu/uploads/media/approved_project_public/0001/54/c28841ed709525889f72c2af3888ad3ff4b6284d.pdf

  • TalentMagnet - Final Conference
    - 18-11-2022
    Final Conference

    The keynote speaker of the conference "TalentMagnet in Practice: Together for Talent-friendly Cities" was an internationally known expert of talent attraction and retention, Marcus Andersson (SWE). After his speech, a round table followed where...

  • TalentMagnet - TalentMagnet Conference
    - 06-10-2022
    TalentMagnet Conference

    Dear Sir and Madam, The consortium of the TalentMagnet project (Interreg Danube) is delighted to invite you to the conference: TalentMagnet in practice: Together for Talent-Friendly Cities! Is your city experiencing brain-drain? Do...

  • TalentMagnet - eNewsletter - Issue4
    - 19-04-2022
    eNewsletter - Issue4

    We are happy to announce that TalentMagnet partnership created and published the latest issue of the TalentMagnet eNewsletter! Read the foreword of Béla Kézy, study the tutorial of the brand new TalentMagnet App, get insights to the TalentMagnet...

  • TalentMagnet - Read our mid-term leaflet
    - 06-04-2022
    Read our mid-term leaflet

    TalentMagnet supports small and medium sized cities in the Danube Region to avoid talented and skilled young people leaving their cities to start working and living in the capital, big cities or abroad. As a result of the project cities will be...

  • TalentMagnet - TalentMagnet App is available and ready to use
    - 05-04-2022
    TalentMagnet App is available and ready to  use

    Be careful! For talents only :-) The brand new TalentMagnet app is available! Developed for you! :-) Download, use and enjoy :-)  

  • TalentMagnet - Transnational capitalization event
    - 22-02-2022
    Transnational capitalization event

    What a wonderful Capitalization event! Partners of DTP's TalentMagnet and experts of Horizon 2020's Project Tetrris e-met to capitalize project results. What we learned: the framework and elements of responsible innovation and it's connection...

  • TalentMagnet - Talentmagnet related podcast
    - 03-02-2022
    Talentmagnet related podcast

    One of our project partners Martin Haranta from Cassovia Life Sciences was invited to talk to podcast of Žilina region. Topic of the talk was about enterepreneurship and key aspects of the TalentMagnet project such as brain drain and reasons why...

  • TalentMagnet - eNewsletter - Issue3 is available
    - 25-10-2021
    eNewsletter - Issue3 is available

    Dear TalentMagnet Friends, we are happy to inform you that our 3rd eNewsletter is available! http://dtp.interreg-danube.eu/uploads/media/approved_project_public/0001/47/f8fba11a8100f1971a44ba0507ad29ab1e65e8f5.pdf

  • TalentMagnet - The first Local Talent Club organized
    - 25-10-2021
    The first Local Talent Club organized

    Do you have a local role model? The members of our Local Talent Club in Nyíregyháza now do – or at least they have the option to choose one. On the 21st of October, the city of Nyíregyháza, in cooperation with the Student Mayor's Office,...

    - 14-09-2021

    What a wonderful day! The first in-person meeting of our partnership! We all are extremely happy to meet each other. We are having our first in-person TalentMagnet Transnational Meeting on 14-15 September 2021, in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. The...

  • TalentMagnet - Infographics sub-menu
    - 24-08-2021
    Infographics sub-menu

    We created some visually pleasant infographics for you and established a new sub-menu on the TalentMagnet website for our infographics. Laarn more about TalentMagnet by enjoying the infographics...

  • TalentMagnet - 16 new deliverables uploaded
    - 24-08-2021
    16 new deliverables uploaded

    The Summer of the TalentMagnet team was very productive: 16 new deliverables have been finished. Download and read them here: http://dtp.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/talentmagnet/outputs  

  • TalentMagnet - eNewsletter - Issue2
    - 24-04-2021
    eNewsletter - Issue2

    What an amazing eNewsletter :-) TalentMagnet spring style :-)  Read about the most important findings of our Kick-off conference, learn more about the key messages of our spekakers, and explore the statistics of our conference. On page 3, you...

  • TalentMagnet - Situation analysis
    - 25-03-2021
    Situation analysis

    The partner-level situation analysis was conducted in the framework of the TalentMagnet project co-financed by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme. For this purpose, the Leibniz Institute for East- and Southeast European Studies (IOS), as...

  • TalentMagnet - Survey results
    - 25-03-2021
    Survey results

    A primary research – survey among the target groups was prepared within the Activity A.1.1 Establishing State of the Art on governance models and talent issues, carried out by the Centre for European Perspective with inputs of knowledge providers...

  • TalentMagnet - 167 participants from 20 countries - 26,341 people reached - This was the TalentMagnet Conference
    - 19-03-2021
    167 participants from 20 countries - 26,341 people reached - This was the TalentMagnet Conference

    167 participants from 20 countries worked together in the TalentMagnet conference. We had attendees from many Danube region countries, but also from Spain, France, Jordan, Azerbaidzan. The morning section was targeted for mainly for policy...

  • TalentMagnet - 116,173 people reached between 19th February and 18th March
    - 18-03-2021
    116,173 people reached between 19th February and 18th March

    We are proud to inform you about historical statistics of our TalentMagnet project: In the last one month, TalentMagnet Facebook page reached 116,173 people.  Yes, you see it well: more than 100 thousand people! Currently, our most highlighted...

  • TalentMagnet - What we already achieved? Summary of Period1
    - 18-03-2021
    What we already achieved? Summary of Period1

    In the first period of implementation of the TalentMagnet project, the work on two different thematic work packages - WP T1 Methodology and planning and WP T2 TalentMagnet toolkit - has started. The knowledge providers and thematic work package...

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