RESTART_4Danube Boosting cREative induSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region

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  • RESTART_4Danube - NEWSLETTER 10/22
    - 22-12-2022
    NEWSLETTER 10/22

    NEWSLETTER 10 22-12-2022   RESTART_4DANUBE NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2022   RESTART_4Danube at the 11th EUSDR Annual Forum, Kosice, Slovakia RESTART_4Danube Project has been presented at the...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Erratum Newsletter 9/2022
    - 04-10-2022
    Erratum Newsletter 9/2022

          Erratum for Newsletter...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 9/2022
    - 27-09-2022
    Newsletter 9/2022

      RESTART_4DANUBE NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2022   ©copyright: Katrin...

    - 10-06-2022

      creative danurban competition - evaluatind the proposals submitted in the 1st...

    - 06-04-2022

    The spring has come and RESTART_4Danube is proud to present you many novelties and developments of the project, so you can enjoy an informative Easter-read! Enjoy our spring...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 6/2021
    - 16-12-2021
    Newsletter 6/2021

      Winterly greetings!   We are nearing the end of yet another year of hard work, networking and gaining...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 5/2021
    - 30-09-2021
    Newsletter 5/2021

      hello and wellcome to the autumn edition of our...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 4/2021
    - 25-06-2021
    Newsletter 4/2021

        The european strategy for the danube region released its own App for mobile phones   Hello and...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 3/2021
    - 01-04-2021
    Newsletter 3/2021

      RESTART_4Danube’s 1st Work Package   The aim of the first work package in...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 2/2020
    - 18-12-2020
    Newsletter 2/2020

      RESTART_4Danube is Developing an Identity and Visibility through its Promotional...

  • RESTART_4Danube - Newsletter 1/2020
    - 16-10-2020
    Newsletter 1/2020

      Short Note on...

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