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Circular Toolbox

Circular Economy Toolbox

This section presents our circular economy toolbox, including information, collaboration, qualification and financing tools to promote the transition towards a circular economy.

Picture Credits: Depositphotos Photo-ID: 180451070 KateNovikova

(Photo credits: Depositphotos Photo-ID: 180451070 KateNovikova)

Information tools

MOVECO’s brochure » Your trash is my treasure « displays best practice solutions for the circular economy in the Danube region. Enjoy reading - there is an English, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian and Slovak version! To learn more about best practices in the Danube region countries, visit our section Best practice.

The checklist and fact sheets support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the transition towards a circular economy. With the checklist, SMEs can figure out their status quo regarding the circular economy. The fact sheets support SMEs in gaining further knowledge about the circular economy. To learn more about the checklist and factsheets, please click here.


Qualification tools

Copyright MOVECO. Design by IDEEN DIE FRUCHTEN.This qualification programme prepares enterprises and other interested stakeholders for upcoming changes towards a circular economy. The training covers many different aspects with regard to the circular economy: principles, legal background, schools of thought as well its implementation in businesses and material streams.


Collaboration tools

Mapping report on collaboration tools: The mapping Copyright MOVECO. Design by IDEEN DIE FRUCHTENshows virtual and face-to-face examples of best practice collaboration tools, designed to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Description of cooperation formats: This report describes cooperation formats suitable for the MOVECO project and circular economy projects in general.


Financing tools


Copyright MOVECO. Design by IDEEN DIE FRUCHTEN.In this section, we present different funding possibilities on how to finance circular economy projects in companies, research and development organisations and public institutions. In addition, we provide a concept for an investor day with special focus on crowdfunding, match-making tools in order to support collaborations between science and industry. Moreover, a report informs on public-private partnership investment in the circular economy and we provide some basic information about green (circular) public procurement. To read the full information on financing tools, please click here and find out more.

About the Circular Economy Toolbox

This mix of different tools and materials improves the capacity of research and development, business support organisations, public bodies to kick-start the implementation of the circular economy in the Danube region and unleash its potential for sustainable economic growth.

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