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MOVECO’s brochure » Your trash is my treasure « displays best practice solutions for the circular economy in the Danube region. Each country of the MOVECO partnership has chosen one inspiring circular product or business model that could set an example for others. Thus, we show examples from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. Enjoy reading - there is an English, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian and Slovak version!

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Waste as a resource  Waste as a Resource

  • Bumble Bee Bags give reflective vests a second life (Germany)
  • ECOPLAST FIBER JSC recycles PET bottles into flakes and fibers (Bulgaria)
  • Kunst vom Rand e.V. design various products, e.g. out of fire hoses, old books and can tabs (Austria)
  • LAVU collects and processes cooking oil which is used as bio-diesel (Austria)
  • New Seed upcycles used climbing gear and gives them a new life e.g. as chalkbags, belts or jewellery (Germany)
  • 110 2.0 UPCYCLING UNIFORM gives used police uniforms a second life as bags, backpacks or blankets (Germany)
  • Rebeutel manufactures reusable fruit and vegetable bags out of discarded curtains in social institutions (Germany)

Reuse & Repair & Product Life Extension  Reuse & Repair & Product-life Extension

  • Jausnwrap: Beeswax cloth food wraps as a natural alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil for food storage (Austria)
  • Recycle it has, besides an e-waste recycling plant, an online shop for refurbished second-hand electronics (Germany)
  • Refurbed is the online-marketplace for refurbished electronics that sells like-new products with at least one year of warranty and a sustainable footprint (Austria)
  • Repair Café International is the key driver behind the successful concept of Repair Cafés where things are repaired together; several hundreds of places exist in 33 countries, e.g. in Austria, Germany, Romania and Slovenia (global)
  • Reparatur- und Service-Zentrum R.U.S.Z is a social enterprise in Vienna and Graz for repairing, renting and selling (second hand) electric and electronic equipment (Austria)
  • Rosenbauer provides general overhaul of fire-fighting vehicles and retrofits them with new equipment (Austria)
  • The Coffee Jacket upcycles original used coffee bags to become extraordinarily unique design jackets. (Germany)
  • Waste Management Corporation of Munich (AWM) runs an online exchange platform and a second-hand store called Halle 2 where used goods can be purchased, repair cafés are organised and auctions are made (Germany)

Renewable resources  Renewable Resources

  • alvari designs and produces customisable furniture from local resources and offers a take-back system to its customers (Germany)
  • GreenLab utilizes cocoa waste material for production organic fertilizer (Germany)
  • TRIGEMA produces biodegradable, Cradle to Cradle® certified shirts (Germany)

Product as a service  Product as a Service

  • Kleiderei rents fashionable clothes (Germany)
  • ReCup implements coffee-to-go with returnable cups incl. a practical deposit system (Germany)
  • TURTLEBOX rents stable, reusable moving boxes (Germany)

Resource Efficiency & Waste Prevention  Resource Efficiency & Waste Prevention

  • The German Sustainable Building Council develops and promotes solutions for the sustainable design, construction and use of buildings and districts (Germany) 
  • Kirchdorfer Zementwerk Hofmann Gesellschaft m.b.H gas reduction process DeCONOx, replacement of fossil fuels by alternative fuels (Austria)
  • PAINTINBOX produces 100% recyclable, solvent free, water based wall paint in a low-emission packaging (Germany)   
  • rutaNatur is a packaging-free organic grocery shop (Germany)
  • SENSONEO provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-effectively manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people (Slovakia)
  • VAUDE's "Green Shape" Label offers functional, environmentally friendly mountain sports equipment and clothing made from sustainable materials (Germany)

Sharing platforms  Sharing Platforms

  • IHK München und Oberbayern has a website (in German) on sharing economy with 156 examples (Germany)
  • Leihladen is a library of things where you can borrow useful stuff like tools, tents and toys (Austria)

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