CD SKILLS Improving celiac disease management in the Danube region by raising the awareness, improving the knowledge, and developing better skills


Implementation of innovative e-learning tools for health care professionals and patients

Within CD SKILLS project, two innovative e-learning tools has been implemented, one for health care professionals and one for patients. Implementation of these tools will contribute to reaching the objectives of CD SKILLS project, to improve and harmonize existing celiac disease management practices in the Danube region and to increase patients’ self-management capacities.

The e-learning tools are being built on the existing tools developed within the CE Focus IN CD project and updated based on the new ESPGHAN (European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition) celiac disease management guidelines published in 2020 and on the lessons learned from CE Focus IN CD project. It was shown in Focus IN CD project that the knowledge about celiac disease among HCPs and CD patients is not satisfactory and that further awareness-raising and learning activities are needed, in order to improve knowledge and to minimize the number of unrecognized patients and unnecessary diagnostic delays. In addition, patients should be informed better about their disease to reach higher compliance with the gluten-free diet. The use of tools will be promoted through the networks of medical partners, professional societies and patient support organisations and public authorities.

The e-learning tools available in English, German, Slovenian, Hungarian and Croatian language were further updated and versions in new languages of CD SKILLS partners Romanian, Czech and Romanian (MOLD) have been added.

E-tools are available at

The aim of the e-learning tool focusing on healthcare professionals is to increase awareness, knowledge, skills and competences of different profiles of healthcare professionals. It is an open on-line course that can be accessed without the need to register. It is comprised of two units, covering basic information on celiac disease, clinical manifestations, diagnosing, treating and monitoring of celiac disease. Each unit offers also a self-assessment and several lessons including interactive elements.

The aim of the second e-learning tool focusing on patients is to increase awareness, knowledge and competences of patients and to improve capacity for their self-management. This online course is open to public and includes four units covering background, diagnosis, treatment and living with celiac disease and explaining the medical background in lay terms. It also offers self-tests, graphic illustrations interactive elements, videos and a dictionary.

E-tools promotional poster (in English) is available here:

Please find a postacrd in Slovenian language here:

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)