CD SKILLS - “Gluten free morning” with media, Zagreb, Croatia


This December CeliVita and CHZ organized a gathering with representatives from different media in gluten free bistro Fetiš in Zagreb, Croatia. In an informal setting they provided relevant information about celiac disease, GF diet and problems which people suffering from celiac disease face in their everyday lives. Partners presented CD Skills project results and ongoing activities like screening for celiac disease in the student population.

 After the presentation, discussion about celiac disease and gluten free diet took place. Our goal was to raise the interest about celiac disease in the media and to create a relationship, so that we can educate the public through the media in the long term and present our project’s results to a bigger audience. Participants discussed the following project results: e-learning tools, an online platform for sharing experiences about celiac disease among HCPs, web application “Gluten free products Registry »and interactive map of Danube Region with gluten free locations. Great interest was shown regarding screening for celiac disease in the student population.

Our thanks to bistro Fetiš Crew for ensuring a pleasant atmosphere and all the journalists who joined us. We are Looking forward to future cooperation.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)