ARTNOUVEAU2 - Municipality Oradea - Action plan Minutes of the project partners


Project Partners Expert Meetings for Elaboration of the Action Plan

One of the project activities of the ArtNouveau2 project was to elaborate an Action Plan for RANN in the Danube Region. The Action Plan is envisaged as a guide for developing and increasing the efficiency and visibility of RANN’s initiatives and activities in the Danube region. The document explores and identifies directions for further widening and/or intensifying the already established modes of asserting RANN’s presence - through the Art Nouveau Cultural Route and in line with RANN’s vision, role and principles. 
The responsible partner for developing the Action Plan was Municipality Oradea. The document was elaborated in consultations with six project partners (INP, IMM, MAK, MUO, STUBA, RIPCM) and 3 ASP partners (RANN, MDRAP, MCC, MCS, FC) of ArtNouveau2 project during the period January – November 2022.
During the elaboration of the Action Plan, regular and ongoing consultations with ArtNouveau2 Project Partners and RANN secretariat were held to steer the development of the Action Plan. Three meetings of experts from involved project partner organizations were planned and organized: 
- 19 January 2022, via Zoom platform
- 15 July 2022, Budapest, Hungary
- 03 November 2022, via Zoom platform
Consultative meetings were organized around major milestones in the process of the elaboration of the Action Plan. They had a main purpose to steer the development of the Action Plan by presenting the collected information and findings of the analysis to the partners' representatives, in order to discuss and validate the (preliminary) conclusions.


The Minutes of the three working meetings can be found below:

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