ResInfra@DR - Info session in Belgrade - Review


The University of Belgrade hosted together with the Ministry of Education, Science and Techological Development, Serbia (MESTD) and the EUSDR priority Area 7 (PA7) an information event informing about the ResInfra@DR project. Together with the Rector iof the University of Belgrade, Ivanka Popovic, the State Secretary, Viktor Nedovic, MESTD opened and welcomed the participants at the meeting. Beside information on the project also Prof. Slobodan Prvanovic, Institute of Physics and also ESFRI member informed about the challenges in the country. Participants kindly contributed to the consultation on the macro-regional joint action plan by voting and discussion.

Image source: ResInfra@DR 2019, Viktor Nedovic, State Secretary





Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)