URBforDAN Management and Utilization of Urban Forests as Natural Heritage in Danube Cities

Name Type Email Country
City of Ljubljana Lead partner luka.sesel@ljubljana.si SLOVENIA
Municipality of Budapest ERDF partner KokaiD@budapest.hu HUNGARY
Budapest Horticultural Private Limited Company ERDF partner bajor.zoltan@fokert.hu HUNGARY
City of Cluj-Napoca ERDF partner cvovidiu@yahoo.fr ROMANIA
Cluj Metropolitan Association ERDF partner adrian.raulea@adizmc.ro ROMANIA
City of Vienna - Municipal Department 45 - Water Management ERDF partner barbara.ginzler@wien.gv.at AUSTRIA
City of Zagreb ERDF partner iva.kuhar@zagreb.hr CROATIA
Croatian Forests ERDF partner damir.dramalija@hrsume.hr CROATIA
Slovenian Forest Service ERDF partner samo.skrjanec@zgs.gov.si SLOVENIA
State Enterprise for Forest Management "SrbijaĊĦume" Belgrade, FE "Belgrade" IPA partner andja@srbijasume-sgbgd.co.rs SERBIA
City of Belgrade IPA partner tripkovic.dejen.tripkovic@beograd.gov.rs SERBIA
City of Ivano-Frankivsk ENI partner igor.galicia@gmail.com UKRAINE
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Associated partner simone.borelli@fao.org ITALY
Capital city Podgorica Associated partner lazarela.kalezic@podgorica.me MONTENEGRO
Ministry of Physical Planning, Constructions and Environmental Protection of the Canton Sarajevo Associated partner zijada.krvavac@mpz.ks.gov.ba BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
City of Prague Associated partner martin.cizek@praha.eu CZECH REPUBLIC

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)