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Experiences along the Danube Travel Stories



Along the Danube Travel Stories you will find lots of experiences that make you feel the Danube characteristics. If you are planning to travel the Danube or you want to create a tour, have a look at our experience-collection.

If you need help, please contact the partners in the different areas for more information.

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Undoubtedly, the story of the Danube can't be told without its food. Have a look! 


Author of the cookbook - prof. Ivan Gašpić - a great expert on the connection between culture, identity, and gastronomy- selected 12 amazing recipes that tell the story of Danubian identity shaped and inspired by the river.

In the cookbook, you can find 1 recipe from each of the 10 Danube countries (from Germany to Romania) and 2 ancient Roman recipes. However, you can also find some information about DANUBEPARKS Network and its 18 Protected Areas.
"One river, ten countries, countless flavours" is finally out!

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In the framework of the Transdanube Travel Stories project, in the area of the renovated Tikveš Castle complex, DANUBEPARKS  will organize the TIKfest - Festival of Living History and Gastronomy every year. In addition to the rich gastronomic offer of the festival, visitors can expect a free interpretive walk through the Tikveš castle complex led by Archduchess Von Habsburg (Nikolina Baškarad) as well as numerous other workshops and exhibitions related to the living history and Baranja gastronomy.


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New edition of the “Natures havens on the Danube”-Book 

„Book "Nature's Havens on the Danube" looks at the protected areas from a refreshingly new angle, linking colourful local highlights with glimpses of folklore and lesser-known moments of local history. During the TDTS project, new narratives (stories) are developed together with 6 new tourist trails. One of these new trails and stories is „Returning to the Last Danube“ whose development was coordinated by Eszter Buchert and written by Zsofia Joó. The story and trail are presented in the second book edition, with a focus on the last (Lower) section of the Danube river: protected areas from the triangle formed by the countries of Hungary, Croatia and Serbia to the Danube Delta. Link to the other 5 trails developed within the project is also provided at the end of the book.
Find the book here.

Virtual tour along with the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route


DCC worked closely with its stakeholders, and members of the local Product Clubs, to present cultural, gastronomic, and touristic offerings along with the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route, putting them together in a comprehensive 360 virtual experience. Besides experience in the virtual world of Roman heritage, other attractions within the destination, where to sleep and eat, and other nearby attractions worth visiting, the tourists now have direct contact with local ground agents. All videos are listed on the YouTube videos channel
Subscribe and experience Ptuj (SLO), Pecs (HUN), Sremska Mitrovica (SER), Zajecar (SER), Alba Iulia (ROM) and Russe (BUL).




interactive city tour on trade  - "Ulmer Geld regiert die Welt", 


There is a lot to discover in Ulm/Neu-Ulm. Whether digitally, by Segway or with one of the many city tours.

Tip: An interactive guided tour provides stirring insights into the flourishing trade in the twin city then and now. All tickets can be booked directly online. 


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Velo Martini - Digital Tools


During the 7-day cycling pilgrimage starting from Bratislava, many religious sites, historical and cultural heritage cross our path in beautiful landscapes that are easy to cycle on. It is not easy for us to leave our daily routine to embark on a journey with a different rhythm. On each of the seven days, spiritual guides will help our cycling pilgrimage at the designated locations. In addition, we will also learn a lot of interesting things about the cultural and natural values visible along the way. Our tour starts in Bratislava, in front of St. Martin's Cathedral, then leads through the rich landscapes of Szigetköz, Moson plain, Pannonhalma Hills, Rábaköz and Fertő-Hanság, and then takes the Sopron - Kőszeg route through the Alpokalja to Savaria, i.e. to Szombathely, to the birthplace of St. Martin, the end of the Via Sancti Martini international pilgrimage route.

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Slovenia: Self-guiding application presenting Jewish cultural heritage sites

Institute for Culture, Tourism and Sport Murska Sobota developed a novel, multifaceted mobile application for self-guided visits to explore the tangible and intangible Jewish cultural heritage elements within the sites in Slovenia, as well as to expand the already-existing touristic cities portfolios. The aim of the application is to enable those interested to discover the Jewish heritage of Maribor, Murska Sobota and Lendava destinations on their own and to get acquainted with former Jewish communities and stories of their families that significantly contributed to the development of these cities. Mobile application that is developed for the Android and iOS operating systems and includes an interactive map with customized display of POI’s as well geolocation of the user enables an interactive experience, guidance and presentation of selected POI’s with the information distributed by text and a photo gallery.



Iter Vitis route - Rural Tourism in Croatia


You will find all the information you need about wine tourism and related infrastructure in the Croatian part of the Danube.  You can learn about the geography of the Danube region, the history of vine and wine production from antiquity to the 1930s, articles about wine production in the last century, and original photographs from personal collections. You can also find  DUNAJUNJUVIDÉK and the Baranja region's range of green travel products and its main municipalities.



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the application "Immersive Oradea


 The application "Immersive Oradea" uses augmented reality to show tourists various periods in the history of Unirii Square. Users can engage themselves in a unique experience by immersing themselves in the ambiance of a bygone era. Once in Unirii Square, look for three interest points with placards that may be scanned with the app on your device (phone, tablet) to join a virtual presentation that includes narration of historical facts and visual representation of the surroundings. After completing the three historical panels, the visitor is alerted that he has received a gift and is instructed to submit his name and email address to receive a present via email (completion is optional).  


Link to the video presentation in which the application's functionalities are showcased:

You can download it here!


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)