SENSES Strengthening Social Entrepreneurial Landscape through involving socially responsible corporate Practices in EntrepreNeurial CompetenceS and Skills enhancement in the DANUBE region

Social enterprises (SEs) are important drivers for inclusive growth and play key role in tackling current economic, environmental and societal challenges. However, examples of missing policy and legal frameworks, social investment markets and social entrepreneurship education are very common.

Motivated by the above challenge, the SENSES project aims to create a transnational network of social enterprises (SEs), socially responsible traditional businesses, (social) financial investors, policy-makers, academia, NGO practitioners composed by 600-800 members in total in the Danuberegion which will jointly promote an innovative social enterprise model as well as social innovation for the sustainable economic development of the Danube region.

SENSES, bringing together a partnership of dynamic and collaborative international environment of 8 Danube region partner countries and 5 associated strategic partners from Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Moldova and Belgium show divers picture of low viability of business models of existing social enterprises, nascent social investors and investment markets, mainly probono and donation-based SE acceleration programmes and fragile relationships between SEs and market actors.

As main achievement of project partners, 60 hours long digital (e-learning) material co-developed and co-designed by all partners will be created including theoretical economics, management, marketing, HR as well as sales management modules together with personalized mentoring and coaching led by CSR corporate representatives as a practice-driven “blended learning experience” for social enterprises in the Danube region.

                  SENSES Acceleration programme


Strengthening Social Entrepreneurial Landscape through involving socially responsible corporate Practices in EntrepreNeurial CompetenceS and Skills enhancement in the DANUBE region
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 1530777,5
ERDF Contribution: 1206904,37
IPA Contribution: 94256,5
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Increase competences for business and social innovation


As soon as the project achieves an output, it will be published in this section. Check the project webpage for more information
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry Lead partner Hungary
RERA a.s. – Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia ERDF partner Czech Republic
BSC Business Support Centre Ltd., Kranj ERDF partner Slovenia
SBA Slovak Business Agency ERDF partner Slovakia
ZSI Centre for Social Innovation ERDF partner Austria
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Project News

  • SENSES - REGIONAL STAKEHOLDER MEETING and study visit in Croatia
    - 24-06-2019
    REGIONAL STAKEHOLDER MEETING and study visit in Croatia

    Our Croatian partners held their last Regional Stakeholder Meeting in Varaždin. Kristina and Ivan presented the project  SENSES and the Regional Action Plan on the meeting of regional coordinators for north Croatia. They once more informed...

  • SENSES - e-learning platform for SOCIAL ENTERPRISES
    - 24-06-2019
    e-learning platform for SOCIAL ENTERPRISES

    Do you have a great idea about how to resolve the problem in your community? Social enterprise would be a perfect start but you don`t know how to set it up and maintain it?  Our e-learning course is HERE to help!

    - 21-06-2019
    CLOSING CONFERENCE in budapest

    SENSES closing conference begun with the official welcome speeches from Mr. Zoltán István Marczinkó, Deputy State Secretary of Labour Market and Corporate Relations, Ministry of Finance; Mr. Marius-Valentin Nicualae, Project Officer, Innovative and...

  • SENSES - Last Steering Committee meeting
    - 21-06-2019
    Last Steering Committee meeting

    We are having the last SC meeting in Budapest hosted by IFKA Iparfejlesztési Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft., the lead partner. Main topics of discussion are the final steps of project implementation and last minute preparation for the tomorrow's final...

  • SENSES - Our project presented at the Public Hearing in Bucharest
    - 27-05-2019
    Our project presented at the Public Hearing in Bucharest

    South Muntenia RDA presented the SENSES project at the public hearing organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on "Towards a better economic convergence and competitiveness within EU Macro-Regions". South Muntenia...

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