DriDanube Drought Risk in the Danube Region

Filename Date of upload
4-Danube Drought Strategy 21-04-2021 15:59:35
4-Strategy_Summary for policy makers 09-01-2020 22:26:24
4-Annex A_Common report on the existing drought management status in the Danube region 09-01-2020 22:25:08
4-Annex B1_National stakeholders database 09-01-2020 22:23:26
4-Annex B2_Summary Report of the National Briefing Seminars 09-01-2020 22:22:40
4-Annex C_Potential institutions for the role of Reference Organisations in each DriDanube country 09-01-2020 22:22:04
4-Annex D_Potential institutions for the role of National Drought Office, the Commission and the Authority 09-01-2020 22:21:19
4-Annex E_Summary Report of the Final National Seminars 09-01-2020 22:20:20
4-Annex F_Pilot cases on testing Drought Watch and NRN vs. national ground measurement data (1st PA Factsheet) 09-01-2020 22:19:49
4-Annex G_Review and classification of IDMP long- and short-term measures 09-01-2020 22:19:11
4-Annex H_Status of NRN in each DriDanube country (September 2019) 09-01-2020 22:18:17
4-Annex I_Template for shaping the ODMM according to the national characteristics 09-01-2020 22:17:19
3-Drought risk assessment_RED software manual 09-01-2020 22:27:56
3-Drought risk assessment_Rainless periods and crop yield loss assessment (Training manual) 09-01-2020 22:29:20
3-Drought risk assessment_Rainless periods and crop yield loss assessment (PPT) 09-01-2020 22:30:09
3-Drought risk assessment_Methodology Factsheet 09-01-2020 22:31:00
2-Drought impact forecast_Methodology (D4.2.2 Algorithm for impacts forecast) 09-01-2020 22:32:56
2-Drought impact assessment_NRN Training_Factsheet 09-01-2020 22:33:49
2-Drought impact assessment_NRN Training_How to establish and manage NRN 09-01-2020 22:37:29
2-Drought impact assessment_NRN questionnaire access 09-01-2020 22:38:32
2-Drought impact assessment_Methodology (manual) 09-01-2020 22:39:05
2-Drought impact assessment_National Reporting Networks Factsheet 09-01-2020 22:42:51
1-Drought Watch_Training on use_Factsheet 09-01-2020 22:50:57
1-Drought Watch_Tool_Factsheet 09-01-2020 23:14:56
1-Drought Watch_Tool_Access to tool 09-01-2020 23:17:36

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