Danube STREAM Smart, Integrated and Harmonised Waterway Management


Lead Partner: via donau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH

Gudrun Maierbrugger,  Project Manager

Phone:  +43 50 4321-1633

Email: gudrun.maierbrugger@viadonau.org

Slovak Water Management Enterprise (SVP)

Štefan Polhorský, Project Coordinator

Phone: +421 2 602 92 346

Email: stefan.polhorsky@svp.sk

General Directorate of Water Management, (OVF)

László Dobi, Project Coordinator

Phone: +36 1 225 4400 /10030

Email: dobi.laszlo@ovf.hu

National Association of Radio Distress-signalling and Infocommunications, (RSOE)

Nikoletta Sajgó, Project Coordinator

Phone: +36 20 256 1836

Email: nikoletta.sajgo@rsoe.hu

Agency for Inland Waterways, (AVP)

Tomislav Štrus, Project Coordinator

Phone: +385 32 450613

Email: tomislav.strus@vodniputovi.hr

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure – Directorate for Inland Waterways, (Plovput)

Ivan Mitrović, Project Coordinator

Phone: +381 11 3029 842

Email: imitrovic@plovput.rs

Executive agency for exploration and maintenance of the Danube River, (EAEMDR)

Veneta Popova, Project Coordinator

Phone: +359 82 298 019

Email: veneta.popova@appd-bg.org

River Administration of the Lower Danube - Galati (AFDJ Galati)

Romeo Soare, Project Coordinator

Phone: +40 246 213 329

Email: romeo.soare@afdj.ro 

Administration of Navigable Canals SH, (ACN)

Moren Abdurafi, Project Coordinator

Phone: +40 241 70 27 00 /1019

Email: mabdurafi@acn.ro 


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)