CD SKILLS - CeliVita presented the Gluten free Products Registry in Opatija


CeliVita team participated at the 16th conference on food safety and quality, which took place in Opatija, Croatia, with a presentation of the Gluten free Products Registry (Registry), developed within the CD SKILL project. We presented its benefits for food companies and its positive impact on the gluten free community, especially people on strict gluten free diets, who use this digital tool as a source of relevant food information.  We took the opportunity to invite companies which are not yet part of Registry to join us and got very positive feedback. Thanks to the support of its users who recognised its value and thanks to the continuous growth of the Registry itself, we ensure sustainability of one of the pilot projects and make life on a gluten free diet a little bit easier.

The conference was held from 15th to 17th of May in Hotel Ambassador, Opatija. It was organized by The Croatian Chamber of Economy. Main topics were challenges in implementation of EU legislation, guide for microbiological criterium, innovation in food industry, consumer education and methods for food waste disposal. There were 28 presentations held by representatives of food industry, control bodies and executive agencies.

Conference was opportunity to learn about new legislation, get different perspective on problems food industry faces and meet people who are part of food industry and executive authority in field of food safety and quality. It was also opportunity to educate representatives of food industry about problems which celiac disease patients have and what can be their roll in solving those problems as socially aware companies.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)