October 2022


The National Institute of Heritage Romania launched the The Art Nouveau Digital Catalogue, one of the diverse resources provided by the Art Nouveau 2 project to researchers and explorers of Art Nouveau.

The Digital Catalogue is an online platform that aims to bring together (re)sources dedicated to the style and international movement of art, architecture and applied art, manifested predominantly and with intensity at the beginning of the 20th century. The Catalogue features a collection of Art Nouveau resources, sorts the relevant digital platforms and relates them to analogue bibliographic sources that contain information about Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region, in particular, and in Europe. The Digital Catalogue consists in a database, practically an inventory for online resources. The scope of the catalogue is to identify, analyse and process (new) information related to the Art Nouveau style.

The catalogue will act as a joint platform for research, providing support for professionals to identify and access the relevant information, which is currently rather challenging, due to disperse content, copyright and technical constraints (e.g. different types of sources, different types of records). Therefore, the Art Nouveau Digital Catalogue was developed as an inventory of websites (public library/ public archive/ museum library/ museum archive/ institute library/ institute archive/ university library/ university archive/ organisation archive/ public repository) which contain information related to Art Nouveau heritage, being structured on topics and in a unitary format.

Its long-term goal is to become an inventory that primarily lists online platforms to researchers, developed by archival, museum, higher education and research institutions from all over Europe, which are continuously enriched. Secondly, each record card of an online platform is linked to search engines or source lists.

Institutions from the project partner countries interconnect with stakeholders at national and European level, in order to centralize their own online (re)sources and to generate a research platform. This Art Nouveau 2 activity in particular fosters a wide partnership with relevant stakeholders from outside the project and it will result in an instrument which will substantially contribute to the work of the professionals from the Danube region and beyond.


The Art Nouveau Digital Catalogue is available on the link below:


Funds for the implementation were provided from the IPA funds of the European Union.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)