ART NOUVEAU - Explore the fascinating Art Nouveau heritage in the Danube region by using our digital repository


Art Nouveau digital repository is specially dedicated website open to the general public, art historians, architects, researchers, enthusiasts and admirers of Art Nouveau. The repository is one of the most comprehensive digital databases dedicated to Art Nouveau movement in Europe. It contains over 17000 digital objects such as photos of Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, objects from museums and numerous decorative objects. Buildings and objects are searchable via the map, and also by the title, people (author), place, description and classification. Each searchable item is presented with the photos and a short description. Some also contain relevant related articles and publications, photos of interior of the building and 3D models. The instructions for using and searching the Art Nouveau digital repository are presented in this short video

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)