EcoInn Danube - Carsharing in Brno


In Brno is expanding carsharing service AJO. It is a new alternative to owning a car. It can be rented for one hour, more hours or few days. You can book a car in few minutes or particular car a few weeks in advance. The car can be taken over and returned at night and during the weekend. It is not necessary to hand over the keys personally. You unlock your car with your smartphone. Fuel is included so there is no need to refuel after every loan. For carsharing are in Brno used only new cars.

Shared cars are seen in the city centre and in the housing estate in the periphery. Mostly it is used by families who want to travel for trip by car only few time a year and by people coming from another city.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)